Key Reasons for Website Content and Film

Key Reasons for Website Content and Film

If you’re anything like me, and receive a weekly screen time report from your phone that makes you want to curl up like a ball in shame, don’t worry, we’re not the only ones.

The sad reality is that we’re constantly on the move, and with our short attention spans video content makes it easier for us to digest information with the added benefit of being visually stimulating, and easily accessible. 

The truth is we are way more likely to retain information presented to us if it’s displayed in video format than if we were to read it, with figures suggesting 95% of people find it easier to remember watching something than reading the same information in text.

Therefore, wouldn’t it make sense to have video content on your site to ensure you are pushing your brand awareness in the most efficient way possible?

The answer of course is yes!

Having video content on your website that has engaging, targeted information accessible to your desired audience can make a drastic impact on the amount of traffic that comes to your site. Couple this with email marketing campaigns containing regular, updated videos  illustrating your products and expertise, you’ll likely start to see more and more site visits month after month.

Then you also have social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook, that can add even more to your arsenal by reaching audiences on an even greater level.

There are reasons why there are so many self made millionaires being made through social media platforms such as Youtube, Instagram and TikTok, and the main one is that video content is so damn easy to share. 

Now, I’m not for one minute suggesting you’re going to become a rich over night off the back of creating one Instagram video promoting your florist or BnB, but you are absolutely going to maximise your digital territory by utilising these platforms and pushing your business name out to a far wider audience.

Going back to a previous blog, we mentioned that keywords can play a significant role in SEO, and the same goes for the keywords used in the titles of the videos you make, as Google displays videos in their search results as well. By making sure each video on your site has relevant keywords and phrases in the titles could mean your content gets pushed further up the Google rankings and potentially put you ahead of the competition.

When it comes to what’s in your videos, that’s down to personal preference to some extent, but  it’s important to make sure they are informative, and reflect your products and services in the most engaging way possible. 

Remember, whether it be with the use of animation, timelapses, drone footage or a simple interview video blog, there are any number of ways in which you can make content that grabs peoples attention, and creates interest in your company and services.

For more information about video content, or anything to do with pushing your online presence, please get in touch with us here at hello@mightandmain, and we’ll see what we can do to help.




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